Flicker Fund

Totally Candles is pleased to support small, local charities, good causes and projects through its Flicker Fund. The idea is simple, we put aside 5% of our profits into a “Flicker Fund” grant account which is made available to great local causes determined by our customers and supporters.

Grants are made on a regular basis and normally range from £250 to £750 depending upon sales and applications.

If you are aware of a deserving local cause or project that could really benefit from our support then we would love to hear from you.

Why do we do this? Read the story behind Totally Candles Flicker Fund.

The selection criteria

Does your favourite cause meet the following criteria?

  • Local
  • Small
  • A project that helps people or animals

Then there’s a good chance it will be accepted to be included in the selection process.

Please complete and send us your details below and we will confirm if your application will be included in the next vote round. We are keen to award these grants so please do get in touch if you would like our support.

Flicker Fund Application

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