The Flicker Fund Story

Totally Candles came about as result of one of the founders’ failure to become a vicar!

In 2010 I went through the selection process to become a Vicar and came very close to swapping my life in engineering to become a priest in the Church of England. 

To make a long story short, initially upset by the decision I soon concluded that this was in-fact a near miss and so looked for other ways to offer my skills and to give back to the community.  

Walking around a church one day I spotted and was intrigued by their new nylon oil filled classic candles being used to save them money whilst adding reliable beauty to the setting and following a little research, I soon discovered that they were being sold at ridiculously high prices (compared to their manufacturing costs) and so decided to introduce a range that churches could afford. Our Nylon Classic oil filled candles were created which then led to the birth of Totally Candles.

So, what about the Flicker Fund?

It’s quite simple, Totally Candles exists for many reasons but one of them is to give back to the community within which it trades and to do this we created the Flicker Fund (candle themed you see!). This reflects the founders own ethics and beliefs.   

Simply put, every candle sold increases our ability to give to great local causes which we love doing. So, if you need candles then buy from us or just like and share our Facebook page to help us help others. Thank you.

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